B&B Channel Manager

Only $27/mo + $2/room type*

Crank up your global exposure and sales

Keep it all in sync!

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Be Listed on Booking.com, Travelocity and hundreds of others but Manage it all in One Place


Dramatically Increase Your Global Exposure

That means dramatically increased occupancy and profits

Automatically Sync Everything

Keep all those new bookings automatically synced with unlimite OTAs

Save Tons of Time Managing Your Reservations

All your bookings (OTAs, direct online and phoned in) are all managed in one place

We Set It All Up for You

You Carry On Doing What You Do Best


No Contract or Upfront Costs

Just That Low Montly Fee

Training and Support

Need help? Get Unlimited Support and Training

Add Ons

Get Your Website Connected to your Google My Business listing (GMB) and/or a Domain Name

A GMB is essential. We’ll get you a new one or connect an existing one to your website. Also, you may wish to connect an existing or new domain name to your site. Again, we can look after that for you too. The fee listed below is for each of these services. Contact us with any questions.


One Time Fee

Mobile Friendly Cloud Booking Engine System

Reservations systems allow travelers to easily check availability and book their stay 100% commission free, from any device, any time of day and in any time zone – directly from your website. You save both time and commission fees. Studies show that even people who find you on the OTAs (like booking.com, expedia, etc.) will often book directly on your site if you have a system.

$18 +$1/room

Monthly Fee

Get an Inexpensive Mobile Friendly Website

Get a template based and beautifully designed website developed specifically for Bed and Breakfasts. Free 30 day trial! You don’t even need a credit card to get started.  All you need is gather up your photos and info and the fill in a form – it takes just a few minutes to create. Your site will display beautifully and any device – mobile phones, tablets, desktops and laptops. Save big!


Monthly Fee

Our Channel Manager Partners

Here are just a few of our Online Travel Agency channel partners that can help deliver your property to the world

Here’s a full list of our channel partners

Unlimited Support

There’s not much point in having amazing property management software if you can’t get the help you need, when you need it.

No matter the size of your property, you can reach out any time – it’s all included free of charge with any of our products. We use email, telephone and state of the art screen sharing technology to be there for and virtually with you when you need us. We aim to earn your business each and every month.

The Right Choice

Choosing a solution provider for your property is a big decision – we get it.
Will you get the support you need? Will the software perform as advertised? Will everything always be up and running – 24/7?

That’s why we’ve modeled our business so that you are in control and that there are no downsides.

We set everything up without cost to you

We train you on it’s use, again without cost

Most importantly though, we don’t lock you in with any contract – period

You’re free to leave at any time and for any reason – no charges or penalties

This model forces us to earn your business with outstanding performance and support each and every month. It’s what we want to do anyway, so why not put you in control.

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